Current Offerings

Smoked Sharp White Cheddar (cabot- vermont)

  • 8 oz. Block - $8.00

Smoked Fresh Chevre (firefly farms- MD)

  • 4.5 oz log - $10.00

Jowl Jam (babes in the wood- VA)

  • 10 oz jar - $12.00

BBq Peanuts (wakefield peanut co.- VA)

  • 1/2 lb bag - $6.50

Smoked Pacific Sea Salt (saltworks- WA)

  • 100 ml Grinder - $6.00

Half-Smoked Peanut Butter (wakefield peanut co.- VA)

  • 9 oz jar - $7.00

** pardon our ash** please email us with any orders!

Seasonal and special requests

tamworth pulled pork (babes in the wood- va)

Smoked Almonds (CA)

Smoked Candied Pecans (ga)

Creole Tasso (Babes in the wood- VA)

Smoked Ice (VA)

smoked salmon spread (Cold country salmon- va/ak)


Our proDucers


tHE Goal for Babes in the Wood is to produce the best tasting, environmentally sustainable and humanely raised pork.
They raiseS a rare breed, tamworth, that is slow growing but perfectly suited to life in the woods. The pigs roam across 75 acres of Virginia woodland. So THEY prefer the term 'forest fed' rather than free-range.
The PIGS are not given antibiotics or other growth stimulants. They eat a varied diet and live natural lives.


Wakefield peanut co. is currently celebrating its 50th year in the peanut business. Through the years they have built a strong relationship with agricultural community and with their farmers who have been growing peanuts for them for years. they know the farmers, not only as customers, but as friends who have the knowledge and experience in growing the best peanuts in the country. many of the farmers have been peanut yield per acre state champions, which says a great deal about the high standards they have in farming. Black Pug Smokehouse uses their extra-large sized peanuts for snacking, and peanut butter.

Cabot cheese coop, Northeast America
Owned by 1,200 Dairy Farmers throughout New York & New England

Cabot consistently wins awards for the World's Best Cheddar. At Black Pug Smokehouse, we know they deserve exactly that.
As a farmer-owned cooperative, Cabot works in partnership with the Vermont dairy Industry, the Vermont Cheese Council, and state agencies including Agriculture and Tourism. The scope of their sustainability work is very broad - literally from farm-to-fork. In particular, they recognize their impacts from cow-to-creamery-to-customer as a critical focus of their sustainability efforts. We have been using their 3-year vermont sharp white cheddar for many years, and absolutely love it.

Firefly Farms, Accident, Maryland
Handmade cheese from Mountain Maryland

Firefly Farms sources fresh goat milk from family farms all within 30 miles of their creamery. Their contract with these farmers commits them to humane animal husbandry and restricts the use of antibiotics, hormones, and animal feeds that have been treated with chemical or synthetic fertilizers. 
Firefly farms respects the tradition of cheese making. They craft, age, and wrap the entire line of goat cheeses by hand- using apprenticed cheese makers, not machines. They use only five simple ingredients to make their cheeses; they are free of additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. We use their award-winning Allegheny chevre.

Saltworks, Seattle, Washington
Premium grade specialty salts

Black Pug Smokehouse uses Saltwork's 'Sonoma Sea Salt.' It is a great all-around full flavored salt produced on the west coast of the United States. This sea salt is solar evaporated from the clean waters of the Pacific ocean. This is pure, natural, and unadulterated sea salt that contains no additives. 

Cold Country Salmon, Washington DC/ Homer, Alaska
Dedicated to providing sustainable, wild caught alaskan salmon to the washington dc area

Cold Country salmon is a small family from Alaska. they spend their summer fishing season catching wild salmon, package, and ship it to the washington dc area to provide us with a sustainable, healthy product that we can enjoy for many years to come. You can find their farmers market booths at falls church and palisades! Black Pug Smokehouse uses their wild caught sockeye salmon.